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 osiyo & wado (hello and thank you) for taking interest in my work!♡ below is a list of the services i currently offer, but make sure you check back if you don't see something you need, because the list will definitely be growing!



casual, day to day look


casual makeup includes foundation, concealer/correction, brows, and natural eyeshadow.

full glam


full glam makeup includes foundation, highlighting, contouring, brows, eyeshadow, lashes and lips.


prices do not include hair
I do not provide hair unless specifically asked. hair price will depend on how much you want to spend, but the lowest price for human hair starts at about $79.99♡ 

full set of human hair extensions


whether you're looking to add more length, volume, or maybe even a little color, hair extensions are an extremely helpful and easy way to achieve those goals! a full set of hair extensions comes with 6 clip-in extensions (1 4-clip extension, 1

3-clip, and 4 2-clips). they are human hair, so they're safe for heat styling and washing.



maintenance for hair extensions is actually really important! if you're lookin to do a little bit of TLC on your CIE's, i offer a few services that can add a little more life to your locks:) i can add additional wefts to existing extensions for more volume, length, or color, i can also replace the clips on your full set

custom color


if you're wanting your extensions to be specially colored, for an additional $15 on your order, i can color them however you would like!



can't ever seem to place your extensions just right? if so, you're not alone in that struggle! for $10 i can work with you to find the perfect placement!

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